• 100% Quality Control
    Aim for excellence... HVD
  • 100% Quality Control
    Aim for excellence... HVD


100 % Quality control, aim for excellence... HVD

Size, shape and density are some of the key features determining the quality of concrete pavers and blocks. With these as quality baseline, ensuring that the production line constantly delivers the same level of quality throughout an entire lot can easily become a preposterous challenge.

This is where Neoculus Technologies can work in.  By controlling the entire production aesthetic, dimensional and structural attributes, the Neoculus Height, Volume and Density system (HVD) assures a level of quality always conform to the initially programmed quality standards.

Key Features

  • Real time 3D inspection
  • Constant flawless 100% quality control
  • Unmatched accuracy measurement for height, volume and density
  • Surface defect detection
  • Topographic view live display
  • High performance software
Neoculus Technologies - HVD


  • Improve quality
  • Increase productivity
  • Cut production cost
  • Production data collection & reporting.
  • High impact on customer satisfaction
  • Protect brand image